Sunday, September 30, 2018

Decker's South Platte Fish Rising into Fall

Fish are rising in the Deckers area up and down the river. Fish are rising to some late tricos, PMD's BWO's, and midges. Drifts must be perfect. Hook sets must be timed perfectly and gently.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Fish that Got Away From Us.

There was one fish that got away; a marvelous fish that will forever haunt me. I had it in reach but did not understand or properly calculate its movements or the depth of what it was thinking and feeling. If only;  if only the fish had not moved toward the rocks and the chute of no return, I may have had a chance.  There were so many what if’s.

I misjudged the infinite distance between us, even as I felt close. All I know now is that it can never return up the Chute to the place I once casted my line.  There can be no re-do’s or second casts.

The fish and the river cascades on down the canyon as I stand watching and asking the same hard questions over and over again;  as I will this Fall,  and winter, and Spring.

Finding Fish at Deckers.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Opening Windows in the Summer Doldrums

During the summer doldrums it can be tough to find fish.  I try to remind myself that the fish are there (and were there all along).  But we need a window. Through that window we break through and  meet each other.

San Juan worms, RS2's (gray and black) are all taking fish up and down the South Platte at Deckers.

Enjoy the view.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

A Different Flow

There are certain drifts that a fly fisher senses might produce a fish. It is difficult to explain.

There are also different people that seem more in tune with a different flow of life. Such people are unique individuals of a different consciousness.

Here are two individuals who at least for a brief time on the South Platte entered a different flow.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Stepping Back on the Banks of The Dream

Stepping back has its advantages. While guiding, standing back on the bank allows me to allow the client to figure out some things on their own. However, if I am right next to  them I tend to slap their hands off the reel,  or help them lift the rod, and I do a lot of yelling such as "Let go" or, "Reel, reel, reel." But if I am back on the bank, I can let them make the call. They are the captain. They are quarterbacking the play. They have to figure it out.  And it is fun to watch. Often I can see the large dark form darting under the surface and I can estimate the size. Sometimes we net the fish but often we do not. All is fun. All is play. We learn. We learn again and again.